Telephone Accessories...

Telephone Accessories...

Orchid Telecom Music on Hold RRP £99.00

The Orchid Telecom Music on Hold player comes with a free generic on hold message and music (license free) on a USB stick. Easy to connect directly to any phone system with a dedicated music port. read more


GSM 200 RRP £149.00

Make calls to mobiles and landline numbers from your landline phone or PBX extensions using the GSM200 and the free minutes call package that comes with your SIM card. Anyone in your office will be able to use the free minutes on your SIM card - no waste - get the most out of your mobile phone package


GSM1000 RRP £199.00

The GSM1000 allows the user to automatically divert calls to a mobile or other landline – ideal for when your away from the office. It can also be used to manually divert a call to any other number, when attached to the extension of a PBX system any member of staff can divert/transfer a call to another landline or mobile.

CPS Dialer

Orchid Telecom have developed the CPS Dialler, also known as the Smart Box, LCR Dialler and Auto Dialler. The CPS Dialler can divert call traffic away from the line provider (eg: BT or TELKOM) direct to a customers desired alternative call provider.

It can also bar call types or specific numbers going through such as numbers to 118 Directory enquiries, 07 mobile numbers or 09 premium rate numbers etc.

The unit recognises the first few digits dialled and handles it accordingly – It can even Redirect / Translate say a 118 number to another number.

Giving you control of your telephone bills.

BT to RJ11 Adaptor leads

These adaptors allow you to connect your phones to the PBX system without hardwiring and fitting sockets. Simply plug into one of the extension sockets on the back of the PBX system and plug your phone into the other end. They come in 10cm, 5M & 10M lengths

Installation cables

We have a variety of cables, sockets, adaptors and leads to assist you with your installation. For more information and installation guides go to the support page or email

Orchid Headsets & Leads

The Orchid Headsets are great value for money with noise cancelling mic boom as standard and with a choice of bottom Quick Disconnect cords to suit your telephone’s headset socket ..

HS203 Noise Cancelling £34.99

  • HS103 has one ear piece.
  • HS203 has two ear pieces.
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Choice of Quick Disconnect Bottom cords – 2.5mm pin or RJ Plug
  • Adjustable Mic Boom & Headband
  • Light weight